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Born and raised means something to those in Las Vegas who have grown up here and signified the willingness to turn Vegas from a destination into a community.  I have been proud to call Las Vegas my home from Elementary School at R. Guild Gray to the Boyd School of Law, and now after nearly 14 years as a trial attorney and practicing daily I want to serve my community and the citizens of Las Vegas.

I am at the heart a trial attorney and highly value the role of the trial courts and the Constitutional guarantee of a trial by your peers in the community. Contrary to the perception, a defense attorney’s job is not to “get the guy off”, but to ensure a fair proceeding and that the jury gets every relevant piece of information to make a fully informed and fair decision as to the facts and circumstances of a case. I believe it is very important for Judges to not ensure outcomes, but fundamental fairness so both the citizens and litigants can feel comfortable in the impartiality and fairness of the proceedings, even if they may disagree with the outcome. Judges can’t, and shouldn’t, decide any outcome or legislate from the bench, but instead provide a fair and just forum for the citizens of Nevada to be heard and to seek justice.

Dustin Marcello

Dustin Marcello

Growing up in a single-parent household, my mother did everything she could to help provide for me and I understood the unique stresses that come with trying to provide for children, while also trying to have time to teach them as they get older. I remember my “room” consisting of sleeping on the couch with my Mother in my grandmother’s apartment, and how proud she was when working at the Paddle Wheel allowed her to get her first apartment where I finally did have my own room.

These experiences gave me respect for the struggle people have day-to-day to provide for their families and that the legal system should work equally for everyone and that where you come from or how much money you have should not be the determining factor for receiving justice under the law

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